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Mike McKinley, in a real, direct and fun way, energizes your team to confront challenges, engage real solutions and revitalize your future.

Real Truth

You get the straight scoop - it is what it is! A CEO once told Mike, "Most speakers want us to feel good, you tell us what we need to hear!"

Real Direct

Mike's in your face style helps you prioritize daily challenges. As a cancer survivor, Mike knows about using time well, adapting to change and the importance of performing to the highest level every single day.

Real Fun

With humorous images and Mike’s easy-to-grasp insights, you will laugh as you learn. Audiences around the world have benefited from Mike’s programs, which will be personalized to match the needs and interests of your group.

All comments were positive and I agree.
John Andrzejewski, President, Anson Industries More Testimonials

Over the past 30 years, Mike has worked with literally hundreds of private companies and public organizations. His presentations make a lasting impression everywhere he goes.

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Presenting hard-hitting business content delivered in a fun way, Mike entertains while he teaches.

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