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  1. They Have the Money: A Simple Equation for Keeping Your Customers

    The perfect tool for keeping your customers and growing your business.

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    They Have the Money: A Simple Equation for Keeping Your Customers


    They Have the Money: A Simple Equation for Keeping Your Customers is an essential tool for any service-oriented business. With advice, stories and exercises to use in your business, Mike McKinley’s book will help you succeed in getting customers to:

    • Remain with your business, preferring you to your competition, every time
    • Return to your business, to give you more opportunities to serve them
    • Refer their friends, creating growth through positive word-of-mouth

    With clear examples and easily understood explanations, Mike McKinley will lead you through the simple formulas that can help you better serve your customers—and enjoy greater customer loyalty and profits. They Have the Money: A Simple Equation for Keeping Your Customers will help you:

    • Add value to every transaction
    • Subtract anything that detracts from customer satisfaction
    • Divide encounters with customers into segments that help them buy—happily
    • Multiply customers’ surprise at how well they’ve been treated

    Mike McKinley draws on his lifetime of leading companies, working with businesses, and being a customer to help you and your business grow and succeed.

  2. Take Care of Your Business… or Someone Else Will

    Laugh, Learn, and Grow Your Business.

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    Take Care of Your Business… or Someone Else Will


    If you enjoy laughing while you learn, you will love this book, filled with more than 100 photographs, each providing a life lesson. Gain 100 insights to business and personal development. Humorous graphics and anecdotes combine with Mike’s straightforward insights into living better at work and at home. You’ll find something for everyone in this easy-to-read yet powerful book.

    Chapters include:

    • Customers—The Reason Business Exists
    • Teamwork and Leadership in Business
    • Quality in Business
    • Change and Problem Solving in Business
    • Educational and Personal Growth of Team Members
    • Balancing Work and Home
    • Humor at Work and Home
  3. Keeping Alive… and Other Lessons Worth Learning

    Get Motivated. Get Real. Enjoy the Moment.

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    Keeping Alive… and Other Lessons Worth Learning


    Immerse yourself in enjoying, appreciating, and celebrating life. Mike McKinley’s best scripts from his Keeping Alive syndicated radio program are captured in this book.

    Each one-page vignette has a reminder message on getting the most out of your life at work and at home. This is the perfect book for people too busy to read cover-to-cover and too smart to stop learning!

    Chapters include:

    • Appreciation
    • Change
    • Relationships
    • Feelings
    • Abilities
    • Thoughts
    • More thoughts
  4. 99½ Ways to Fix Your Life Labor and Love

    Balance your world. Enjoy life. It's your choice.

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    99½ Ways to Fix Your Life Labor and Love


    Being called the “handbook for life,” Mike’s newest book provides strategies to help balance your life, labor and love and the many challenges people face on a day-to-day basis. This entertaining and easy-to-read book will not only give you insights to alleviate day-to-day stress, but will also give you a new outlook on your life, your labor, and your love.

  5. I Don’t Know What to Say

    Comforting someone who has lost a loved one.

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    I Don’t Know What to Say


    Mike McKinley was an only child who experienced the death of his parents and his loving wife Nancy.

    Those events had a deep impact on his life. He saw firsthand how often, the subject of death made people uncomfortable, and how they searched for something to say to ease their own discomfort at his loss. He also realized that the words, thoughts and actions of select people helped make his grief more bearable. Those people, through education or instinct, knew what to say and what to do.

    This booklet grew out of a desire to help you know what to say and, more importantly, what to do when someone you care about experiences the loss of a loved one.

    You can make a difference.

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